Day 05 – Alhamdulillah


Today is only the fifth day, but it feels like it has been months. Back to work and kept myself busy. Told my collegue and my boss to give me work so that I will not go into my “own world” and be a cry baby at work…

something to take my mind off… Alhamdulillah, although the memories is still running in my head, I have come to accept that I can’t expect his presence. I can imagine but it will only be that…..

I would close my eyes and imagine he will be standing at the end of the bed watching us, surprising us… from work… Masya Allah…. When I opened my eyes, it was just another one of my “imagination” & “expectation”.

When the reality is We have a long way to go…..

Dear Love,

I know you want me to feel better. I know that your situation being alone is much harder than where I am now…. I never fail to update you on our kids, what I was doing… Eventhough you know that it is an everyday routine of my life…. Do not worry as we are doing fine… Do not give up on your hopes and dream just because of us. It must be because of us that you are “killing” yourself doing what you do now. You are a man of short words and hardly express yourself. Only Allah SWT knows what you might be feeling now. Just remember, sadness doesn’t last forever… Get back up, keep on hustling and do what you do best. For you. For your boys and future princess, and for me, your faithful wife….

May Allah SWT ease your worries, lighten your burden and protect you from any harm …



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