Day 06 – The Day


It only seems like yesterday that he suddenly told me he will be off to work on Thursday. Mixed feeling came upon me. I am happy as well as I was sad. My heart suddenly sank the moment I knew but I rather not show it… This is not all about me, as I said I can’t be selfish. Then I only realized that I have less than 2 days with him….

I tried to cherish every last moment with him at home, while we were busy running errand for his trip… i have dread the day to come but I have to face it…

masya allah, how time flies…. Been keeping myself real busy last two days to keep my mind off missing him every second of the day. Entertaining my children is easier now as my mood seems to pick up.

I do cry whenever I came across his smell, cause since Day 1 I have loved his smell … But my cries are “maintanable” as of yesterday…. It was worst for the first few days until my mind got really tired and my eyes feels dry…

I remember when we were dating I told him I was on half day going to settle some issue for my firstborn school fees. Just as I tapped my card out from the MRT, whilst walking and texting him, I smell a familiar scent… Suddenly he was there, waiting for me….

And it seems true that we have been doing things together since we got together….

Now we both are so near yet so far…. He is out there alone, I am here managing things alone….. 

I thanked Allah SWT for giving both of us the strength to  carry on our days even when it gets hard. Our “miles apart” is not as bad or the worst as when Nabi Adam A.S searching for his beloved wife, Hawa when they were sent to Earth…

We are in different miles apart to “mend our bond”. It is tighter, it feels like the first time that we fell for each other… It makes our heart fonder towards each other… 

I will never get bored of you , my love…

Till my next better piece….


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