New Breastfeeding Journey…


Assalammualaikum Wr Wb

Alhamdulillah. I am so happy to receive this earlier on, thanks to my brother for collecting baby items for me on weekends when I requested his help… 

This is the new breastpump for mummies out there – reviews seems to be good on this one, especially for working moms…

Honestly, I have not try it cause I was comfortable with Avent Manual Single Pump which actually requires alot of “hand” work. Tried Medela Freestyle which was blessed by my collegue but guess the portable pump was spoilt and I bet it was over warranty. So again, back to Avent Manual Single Pump.

Now I am dying to try it but I have to wait for lil princess to be out.

Throwback Memories…

I remember breastfeeding my firstborn. I have no pumps – nothing. All I learn was latching thru out my pregnancy and I did not have a knowledge of pumping and storing of the breastmilk. So when he was out,  you can imagine the soreness of the “B” when it has full milk and I could not get it out. I tried hand pumping out of desperation – but it was really tiring and my “B” was really sore I don’t feel like touching it. When I finally got the time to  head down to Kiddy Palace quickly, while leaving him behind and get a manual pump which was then affordable and reviews said it produced better than those electric pumps. 

Aaaah the relieved.

We survived breastfeeding for 6 months. I was quite sad that my supply became very low the moment I started work. I pumped twice at work but my stash wasn’t enough for him. I did not have the support I was looking for that point of time. Lack of rest, I skipped dinner cause no one looks after him. Right after work I have to latch him, play with him and then put him to sleep while nursing. Either I will sleep along with him or only have the energy to shower and goes back to sleep.

With secondborn, we stopped at 3 months as I fell sick and I have this huge lump (forgot what it was called) on my neck. So with doctor advise and permission of the husband, I had to stop and start formula on him. With him, it was quite frustrating to latch as he would just unlatch like that and milk would go spraying on his face. And when he latch he doesn’t really suck. 

So not every breastfeeding journey is smooth for everyone – no matter whether you are experienced or not. My first experienced was good just that I was low in supply due to lack of support. My second experienced is not what I hope it would be, because I can get frustrated while latching. 

It takes two hands to clap. I always hear some negative remarks from mummies due to their frustration when I was in hospital. But I understand the mother’s depression – it is not easy.

But it is going to be worth it. In sha allah, with the third one, may Allah SWT gives me the ability to produce milk for her as she grows and last our journey together. Aamiin.

In another note, it is not nice to judge a mother based on their capability to breastfeed or not…. Just because the baby is crying does not mean he/she is hungry (again…. After a half an hour feed) and breastmilk is not enough for them…

Mothers feed on demand, as and when the baby wants even when they just want to comfort latch… 

Till my next better piece




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