His Return


Assalammualaikum Wr Wb

Apologise for the late update.

Alhamdulillah, my love has return since Friday evening – and he left me clueless.

After my maghrib solat and I quickly have this feeling to went out the room, In thinking that my sons was being fussy with his uncle. Suddenly saw my father in-law and asked him why he did not tell me he was coming. Okay~~ this old man also another one – keep mum and just smiled. Saw Adam alone and was asking where’s adik. My FIL pointing towards the door area .. And suddenly saw my husband …

Only Allah SWT knows the feeling…

Happy? Confused? Touched? Surprised? After 85 days, it was all mixed…

Every night I would imagine how he would make his “grand entrance”.. Will it be a surprise or letting me know so that we can fetch him from the airport. After every prayer, I wish he could just appear infront of me and that I need a hug after “somewhat” hectic 85 days alone with the boys. Eventho my lil brother was around, the feeling is not the same. And imagining him just infront of me simply will bring tears in my eyes and I will shrugged off the feeling and say to myself “nah~ that will never happen, we still have XXX days to go…”

Of course, in every “fairy tale” a grand surprise entrance would be beautiful. And I got mine – with none other than my own husband.

These few days is just us spending time as well as running errand. He so much so want to go back to the sea, I don’t blame him cause that is his job. I am just happy and making use of the time whilst he is here.

Today, thought of taking leave to spend time just the two of us, but he told me to just go to work – which I guess we have next week for a long holiday to spend our time together… 

So now, just waiting for this little princess to make an appearance … I am currently at 35 weeks, I am left with one more week and it will be consider full term labor.

Hoping it will be before her father goes away for another 3 months… 

May everything goes smoothly for my family 💗

Till my next better piece…..

Assalammualaikum …

PS: told him I wanna take photo and he walked away…. He is not much of a “taking photo” person… 🙊




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