A home is where the husband is


Assalammualaikum Wr Wb

Alhamdulillah, for all the things that I am blessed right now. 

The above title says it all – A home is where the husband is. 

I found myself being relaxed when he is around, having someone just beside you at times of silence is just the best thing. 

Allah SWT allows me to appreciate his presence a little bit more than usual. Usually I would find it annoying that he would leave things everywhere. 

But now just seeing his clothes around makes me smile. It has been too long that I have seen an empty and dry toilet – well cause he uses it more than me 😉

It has been too long that I have seen the back of our door empty – and now it is full of his clothes. 

It has been too long not having someone laying beside you and snoring away – I love waking up to this eventhough it is a dread to leave bed… 

Seeing him with the boys, playing with them, teasing them and talking to them. Makes me feels like my family is whole again.

If not,it will be the same routine everyday, I’ll be having a hard time getting the boys ready or even listening to me. Now it is just easy peasy cause the boss is back and the boys listened to him more than me. Good luck ya boys 😛

Time is very limited and I am trying to save my leaves as much as possible which means I can’t be with him in a day to have a date with him that much. He have told me that most to most it will be 2 weeks before he sail off again. 

Soon, it will all be empty again for another 90 days….. 

We will see what Allah SWT has planned for us cause He is indeed the best planner…

Till my next better piece…. 



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