The Last Stage


Assalammualaikum Wr Wb….

During this last stage of pregnancy, every mummy would understand me on how we so much so wants the baby out already!!

Yes, It is tiring – not mentioning the difficulty to move side to side on bed while sleeping, To get the comfortable position for both mummy and baby – ensuring we don’t “crush” them inside … Space constraint between me and my boys …. 

Experienced two childbirth does not exempted me from being anxious and nervous. 

My firstborn was on the tough side. They say that first child would not come out so soon – it is true, for me atleast. He came out on the 40th week 3 days later… This was a tough one. I have nobody telling me what I should do. Basically i was at home enduring the contraction for 3 days till I decide that i really could not take it. Went to the delivery suite and was told I am only 4cm dilated. Like are you serious? My mind is haywired and I thought it was time. Since I could not endure the contraction pain any longer as I was tired, I opted for epidural. Delivery was smooth cause I could not feel anything and baby was healthy. My first love…. 

My secondborn was super fast. I remember it was a Sunday. Was taking a morning nap and woke up to go to the toilet. Did my big business, went into the room and I feel a similar cramp. So i told my husband think i am beginning to have contraction. So the whole afternoon I was enduring it, late afternoon was finding a food that I have crave on. Then went on hunting for coconut water after fetching my eldest from his bio dad. Reached home was almost midnight. Endure – endure – endure… everything was happening so fast and I decided to go to the delivery suite around 1 am. My husband has been bugging me whether I wanna go to the hospital since noon but I told him I would not wanna go and then told I am not fully dilated yet. But I thought wrong… I was already 7cm dilated and the pain was similar like my first except that this time around I could feel like the baby wanna come out. Took another 2 hours in labor and he came out fast and furious. My secondborn, the forever cheeky and clingy boy. 

Now… Would it be the same for this princess here? Well I hope she comes out fast … I hope there won’t be any drama of waterbag breaks or bleeding cause I am only intend to start my naternity leave end of this month – didn’t want this drama to happen in the office at least… 

I am left with 24 days…. Ya Allah, please make it easy for me and please let my princess see her father before he sails off again. I want her to hear the voice of the man which will protect her as long as he lives …. Aamiin….

Till my next better piece…..


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