imageAssalammualaikum WR Wb…

At times like this when I have lose patience as I did not have an easy morning…

Ya Allah , you know what’s best for me. I know that whatever you are delaying me for, is for the best for me… I know I did not take it easy and well, I have lose my patience, I muttered some words that I wish it wasn’t a prayer… hence forgive me …..

Alot of challenges in my life that I can be patience of but I know handling a fussy child is not my forte from the start. I have no idea at times how I can handle the situation.

Mainly I realize it is not from me, it is from Him.

Why do at one minute I was furious mad and another minute A reminder to myself that having children is a gift and an amanah that was entrusted to me cause He knows I can handle it? 

He gave me his reminder right on the spot when I just lose patience. Subhanallah.


May Allah SWT ease my affairs for the rest of the day… Aamiin

Till my next better piece…


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