New Transition for the Boys

Assalammualaikum Wr Wb

Time Check : 0116hrs *yawns*

So le Hubby decided to put the two boys in their own room after so long. They have been sleeping in our room – on their own bed , well except for my secondborn who will come crawling to our bed at 3am in the morning, ask for milk and settle himself in between us. We have literally no space for ourselves which explains the bodyaches and frequent waking up to change position. Me with my big tummy … How well rested can I get? 

But I do love having them in the same room, as a sense of security. Since I became a mother, I turned to be a light sleeper whereby the slightest move or sound would wake me up in a jerk. If they want milk, they would just ask for it . 

Since their sister’s crib is coming to our room and we have very little space with no room to sleep at all and no space to walk, that’s when le hub decided to put the brother’s bed in their own room.

it is tough as I am typing – secondborn suddenly wake up crying and he seems to refuse his bed … Culture shock maybe? Yea … Maybe =(

For firstborn – it does take a little push as well… But he is coming 4 yrs old this year and I believe it is about time we train him to sleep in his own room

It’s gonna be hard but we have to do what we have to do. When princess is born I can’t have my secondborn in bed with me as well as with the baby… Secondborn already sleeping so rough… 

I really do envy western style. They would put their newborn babies in their own nursey room since day 1z Of course they would monitor the baby with a baby monitor or something – with the advance technology it will come in handy… (Maybe I should consider….) 

But kids will be kids. They still want comfort and security. Even we adults do at times with our own parents…. 

Gotta pray hard that they will eventually accept they have their own room to sleep now…

May Allah SWT makes it easy for us



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