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Assalammualaikum WR WB,

Alhamdulillah… Syukur sangat-sangat

Pertaining to my last entry, it was a new transition for my boys whereby we are training them to sleep in their own room…

It has been 4 days since then… And alhamdulillah they seem comfortable… At times, secondborn would refused to sleep cause either he still wanna play or he just want somebody to put him to sleep. Awww he is sucha baby to me – still. Looking at him, I literally can’t imagine him being a big brother. A fierce one to be exact.

Other than that, alhamdulillah, no frequent waking up… At last, me and husband able to enjoy the comfort of our bed… On the second night, I think I literally sleep like a baby….

Speaking of baby, nope, not yet, our little princess is still enjoying inside her mama’s tummy. But I am dying for her to come out cause the uncomfortability level now is so high that at times I have anxiety, I can’t sleep and I have alot of air which does not seems to come out of my body. Sleepless nights. Lucky for me I have already started my maternity leave yesterday…. 

Did alot of housekeeping to keep myself busy. The boys’s and baby’s clothes is now well-kept. My eyes is not sore from looking at their wardrobe. Room is ready for the arrival of the princess…. Anytime now ya girl? Went for check up earlier this morning, was quite disappointed that my cervix has not dilated yet. I’ve been having irregular contractions, but the doctor seems to say that I can wait a little longer… Honestly I can’t but I will let nature takes it’s own course…. 

Cause I believe He is the best planner and He knows when is best for us. 

Till then, we’ll just wait…… 

If le Hub office called him to informed that he have got to be on vessel – we have no choice….

Till my next better piece…..


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