Some things that we can’t take control of

Assalammualaikum Wr Wb

It has been quite some time since I did an update here….

I am just waiting and anticipating … Well not me alone, my family, in laws and of course my anxious husband…

How I wish I could say … yes … I have safely deliver a baby princess…

But unfortunately, it seems like the princess is still comfortable in there at 41 weeks today…. 😔

What happened? Well my due date was supposed to be 5th March 2016, which was last Saturday. Nothing happened. So we went for our scheduled checkup appointment on 8th March 2016, Tuesday. Doctor checked whether I have dilated and she said I am at 1cm-“only a little bit”Not the full 1cm I supposed…. So they scheduled a last minute scan for me and we checked on whether baby is okay- alhamdulillah, she was even sucking her thumb during the scan (nice breakfast mama 💗) waterbag level was okay, bloodflow in the placenta was okay. So everything is goooood which means that princess is just comfortable…

So as per Doctor advised if there is nothing within last 5 days, I have to walk in to the delivery suite for Induction on Sunday, which will be tomorrow. 

Induction – it is nothing actually but obviously something that I am not hoping off… Everything that I hope for or planned for-at least, is not going in place. I have tried everything but still I don’t feel the contraction like It was for my two boys. This is something different. So since today is the last day for “hoping something will happen”, I will just follow the flow. I am having mixed feeling cause I am still hoping for natural feeling to come though, instead of having something inserted … But then, what can I do .. ? Wait up till 43 weeks?

Sigh. Everything happens for a reason and I believe I will soon know the reason.

I am just blessed that my husband is still around and willingly waiting for the baby to come out before confirming to sail again. That’s atleast he could do right? And he have been such of a help with the boys – literally looking after them when I feel tired, play with them, cook for us… I am blessed . May Allah SWT bless him.

Maybe Allah SWT just wants us to spend these little time together as a family before new addition comes –  for the time we have miss. 


Till my next better piece…


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