The Arrival


Assalammualaikum Wr Wb

Indeed, He is the Best Planner…

While I was stressing, being anxious and reluctant about the whole Induction thingy, He already planned what’s best for us.

As I mentioned, Sunday was supposed to be our Induction day. Saturday I was already giving up and planning on what time we should report to the delivery suite on the next day. We went over to our In Laws at night, hanging around there. Hubs prepared two coconut water for me. Me and boys went home while Hubs follow his dad to JB for awhile. 

As soon as the boys went to bed, I too tried to sleep. But I feel the tightening of my tummy became so intense I keep waking up each time after it took some time to dozed off again. Ard 0115hrs, secondborn was crying bloody murder .. I went to their room and suddenly feel a gush of water streaming out. Freezed. That’s all I could do. After a few seconds, I carried secondborn, woke my brother up to help me with the milk and called my Father In Law . 

After secondborn went back to sleep, I was still in shock, changed and just sit, staring at the blank space. Is this the moment that I have been waiting for….? Well I guess so, been waiting for the whole 9 months, oh no scratched that-  10 months to be exact and finally……

MIL came and fetch me in a cab. Exactly 0215hrs, we reached the delivery suite. Waited for the Hubs which he came about 15 mins. Doctor checked and I was only at 3cm dilated. I have 7cm more to go. Going thru this moment… With no painkiller -i have no idea what I’ve put myself into. I literally feel like giving up towards the end. The pain was so intensed especially my lower back , but as I assumed, after 4 hours I was only at 7cm dilation. 3cm to go now… Nurse keep asking me whether I need Gas as my painkiller. Funny thing I thought it would not be so bad to take Gas. So I asked the Hubs, what does Gas do? We even have time to watch video and in e end I asked him, you think I can last till the end? He confidently said Yes… And that boosted me up to forget about the painkillers and just go thru the pain. Oh c’mon I have endured till 7cm, what is 3cm right? Yea right… 3cm plus the pushing of the baby out. 

Masya allah. I really have no idea where I got the strength from. I know – at that moment I have only Allah SWT watching over me and He have sent my Hubs to support me. Alhamdulillah. Syukur. 

When the princess is out, her loud cries. All I could say was “AllahuAkbar” repeatedly. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing how He have created us woman. Amazing how one human being is living inside another. Amazing how one child birth is being done. Alhamdulillah, our princess came out healthy, weighs 3.22kg, length at 50cm.

Now as I am writing this, waiting for princess to be out from her check up and hopefully good news from the doctor that we can be discharged today. Yes, I am not a hospital person. The only time I stayed Hospital is from giving birth, but I loved the food. Not sure why people hate hospital food , I absolutely have nothing to complain about.. Hee

Till then, much rest needed for me and princess. Will update once I get used to my daily routine … 3 kids…. Mmmmmm…


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