Assalammualaikum Wr Wb

I just want to shout out to my husband, my one and only husband.

At times like this, I feel so blessed for having you as my spouse and it could be no one better. Allah SWT knows what I need and what I need was the support you have given. 

When I was in labor pain, i rather have no one there but you and I have you – crying for you whenever you let go of my hand and I just don’t wanna let go of your hand no matter how tired my hand was being tight.

And now during my confinement when I know you have less of a sleep just like I do, and additional with two sick & clingy boys at home to handle during the day and baby cries during the night, but still you do things willingly and I can feel the sincerity in you.

I would lie if I say I don’t mind you going back sailing just because that’s where we will get some income. As much as it worries me financially but it’s the least matter to me and I know I am dreading the day you will return to sea, again ~ just the thought of it could make me cry (yes i am crying right now… )

I just want to say things that I am unable to say when I am infront of you. That you are a great person, a great dad to your kids, and definitely a great husband to me. May Allah SWT reward you in so many ways. 

I love you and will always do…. 


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