A week later……

Assalammualaikum Wr Wb….

Alhamdulillah, a week has passed after the birth of our lil princess. Things was rough at first – constant crying throughout the nights till next morning, no sleep and heavy latching – which I thought it was normal…..

The first two days after I got home from the hospital, me and husband could not get enough sleep and I often overslept and too tired to be organizing the boys’s school stuff. Lucky for me, I have informed my younger brother on what to pack and how to pack (yes, I like things to be in order). Lil Princess kepr us both awake in the day and night, and the constant latching was making me tired. Plus entertaining guest who came to visit. On the 3rd day, things suddenly got better. And I know the reason to it from my masseuse whom I’ve known since my last pregnancy with number two.

See, as I was read a lot on stuff about newborns, they are very sensitive human being that is new to this world. It is like a new “alam” to them. I have told my husband even before princess’s arrival, that I do not wish to have anyone uploading the picture of my daughter when she’s born. He asked me “why” and I told him in the simplest way that I do not wish anyone to have an evil eye or my daughter caught an “evil eye” by people upon them seeing the pictures. You know how social media can be.


“Alhamdulillah, congrats dear”

“AWWWW, she looks so pretty…”

 Oh yes the words seems harmless but actually these words can do harm to people.

Obviously as a layman, we won’t know what is the correct way to wish people or comment about someone/something in the correct way, especially in Islam, we have to wish in an Arab language – we can’t expect everyone to know or do this, especially the Kafirs. So somehow we have to live with it. 

The reason why first thing first – to avoid posting pictures of my newborn. BUT… it was too late. My masseuse said that someone (which do not know comes from the social media or who visited us) said something and that it affect my daughter. My daughter have “a thing” with her. So she did something after she saw how my newborn cries – she was very confident that newborns will only cry bloody murder for about 20 mins, but my girl lasted for the whole entire time during my massage and that was an hour plus. Imagine how bad it was. I personally do not know what she did, she is in the industry for quite long and she have her own ‘third eye’ as it seems. She came on the 3rd day for massage and asked how is my newborn. I told her “alhamdulillah cik! She slept throughout the night” and she also said “alhamdulillah” then she apologized to me and said that she had to do something for the benefit of us both.

Alhamdulillah, whatever it is I trust her, and I trust Allah SWT that He has make it easy for me and my husband after the 3rd day. We are able to catch more sleep. I am able to wake up on time to prepare for the boys’s school and see them off in the morning. Also do more chores without worries.

This happened to my eldest before but during that time I do not know anything. I survived the whole first month of his arrival without sleep. Just constantly latching and he have to sleep on top of me until he was 5 months. I can’t do anything, I can’t even cook or eat. He have to be on my arms. That was an experienced which I will never forget too.

So mummies with newborn, sometimes it is best to keep a low key, be very strict to your guest, if you have to asked them to wash their hands and legs (in Islam, we practiced this since small) then you have to. Remember – you are doing this for your baby’s sake and also for your own good. 

So now, I can enjoy seeing my lil princess face , her sleeping while smiling just like any other newborn. She is indeed my precious gem….

Till my next better piece……



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