Too Long But Yet Too Soon

Assalammualaikum Wr Wb

The moment that we’ve been waiting but definitely I am not ready for this…

Le Hubs will be flying off this Thursday – can somebody please wake me up from this dream…

Which means another 3 months without him..

Ya Allah, I do not know what to think, my mind is all mixed up upon hearing the news.

Of course, it is for the best as he will be working, but the thought of him not being around….. 

Think about how I am going to cope with MYSELF-with all the things that I need to handle..

Think about handling 3 kids all at the same time…

With their ranting, whining, being like a boss, with having the need to sit down and just latch the princess…

I honestly do not know whether I am strong enough to handle… seeing my secondborn will remind me so much of Le Hub. How they are just a tag team with each other….

Previously it was hard but I guess I still can handle as baby was still in tummy…

When he is around, he has been handling the boys while I concentrate on the princess.

I know people say women can multi-task, yes sure we can – but I am afraid that I’m not being able to handle the stress  anxiety…

May He really give me the support and strength that I will need….

Till then….. 


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