A month ago….

Assalammualaikum Wr Wb,

I have typed quite a story about my labour but I remembered that I’ve given snippets of it before and I don’t wish to repeat myself.

So…. a month ago, this little angel is born.

I named her Herra Ameera Binte Idris.

Herra = Beautiful

Ameera = Princess

So sad that I could not find any reference to have Herra spell in Jawi as it is not an Arab word. But as long as it has a meaning behind it. 

I noticed, with her, I am more protective. I get quite uptight if I saw pictures of her posted on social media by other family members except for my husband – but obviously I could not do anything. I don’t post about her that much unlike what I have done with her brothers (or maybe I am not into posting on social media that much now)

Me and my in laws is busy planning for her Majlis Cukur Rambut which will take place on 01st May 2016, in sha allah. So excited… never done this for the boys before… 

In Sha Allah everything will go as planned… 

As for now, as time passed unknowingly, princess is already a month.

May she grow to be a beautiful person, inside out.. aamiin

Till my next better piece….


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