Assalammualaikum Wr Wb,

It’s coming 2 weeks since the husband returned home.Yes… he was only offshore for a week and I requested him to return as I really could not control the situation at home emotionally.

I was constantly angry with my firstborn and I know it was not healthy for both of us. I was dead tired at night. Constant two hours feeding Herra and the boys request to do milk. Keep on waking up. With all three, honestly I need some time to adjust since the princess came out.

Since I am under confinement, I request for him to return. Now he is contacting his office for another vessel. Hopefully by then, I can handle everything just like before.

As mentioned, we were busy planning for the princess’s cukur rambut. Almost all settled except for venue. As recommended by in-laws to do a small one under the void deck as it is more airy.So we will get that settled, in sha allah tomorrow.

So… The other day we did some DIY upgrades to the empty wall on our living room. We spent about 4 hours doing it at night. Yes I know I should be resting…. But we need to get it done ASAP…


SHOUT OUT to my husband.

Thank you for doing this little things at home while you are around. Thank you for always – ya know in malay called “layan karenah”. I know it is my idea but you go all the way out. Everytime & always. I know I have not been much of a help that night as princess keeps waking up, I had to stop helping you and attend to her. 

The finishing


3D effect Brick Wallpaper..

Having own house is constantly about changing. We can’t have some things like the way it is for 10 years. So in time to come, there will be more upgrades, in sha allah when we are given the rezeki.

Wallpaper bought at Carousell for only $40 each. We enquired alot through other sellers but boy~ were they expensive… nearly agreed on a $200 plus deal. Alhamdulilllah, we manage to get two rolls on the day itself.

Initially I wanted the same design but in white/beige combination as my wall is already in lighter grey. The seller confirm my orders but then gave me a wrong colour BUT she said once we put it up, it will turn white.

HAHA. Big joke. That’s the only thing that is negative about the seller. Other than that the wallpaper turns out nice.

So that’s about it.. DIY upgrade which cost us $90 with alot of hardwork and love from the husband.

Till my next better piece….


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