Live Update: Sneak Preview


Assalammualaikum Wr Wb

01.05.16 – today is the day for the big event – Herra Ameera’s Majlis Cukur Rambut

I have never planned for one before, even not for the boys. And it’s been quite a long time since I’ve been to a Majlis Cukur Rambut. Even when I’ve been there, I never get to see the whole process on how it was done. 

We have been planning on it for weeks. Planning after planning. If one does not work out, we have to have a Plan B. Well.. don’t we always do in life… 

So here is the live update: sneak preview of the event


Tables and Chairs – already done yesterday night. It was quite a shocked for us as MIL said it will come this morning. So they set it up for us. We kinda feel bad to take a lot of space. Mind you, we had a Multi Purpose Hall just next to our block. When we went to the town council two weeks back, the admin said that it is blocked and we can’t book for ANY events there. Excuse me, then what is the MPH for right? Oh well, I am going to write in if I should see there is any event held down there.. 

  1. It is inconvenience to our neighbours. Our corridor is not that big of a space nowadays. We just have to make doa that they won’t mind. We have invited our neighbours and informed them that we have no choice but to take up the space there.
  2. I do not know how the crowd will be later on, but again, will make doa that it will not be that cramp for them to move around to take the food and drinks.

In Sha Allah, we won’t have any issue on this.

The house is well prep for the marhaban to perform prayers and for guest who would like to be inside and have their feast.


Diaper cake – done by Husband’s cousin. She came by yesterday to deliver it and also stay a little bit longer as she can’t come today. The design idea should be by the husband as I have no clue about this. He just told me he will order diapercake, so I leave it up to him for this. It turned out pretty nice doesn’t it. Initally I have no idea what is diapercake. Like I thought they would have the cake in the design of a diaper. LOL. So of course, the husband have to explain to his blurred wife.

So that is about it. We do not have any special cradle for the Princess. We are just gonna place her playpen at the living room for her to lie down as and when. Praying that she won’t be as clingy as she was two days ago. I had to stop on whatever I was doing, to carry her and put her to sleep only to have her wake up a few seconds after I put her down.

Dear Herra, 

Today is your day so please just sleep like a sleeping beauty. 

Love, ,Mom.

Till my next better piece…


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