Everyday is Mother’s Day, they say ~

Assalammualaikum Wr Wb

So today, 8th of May, is a day for all mothers out there. And at times, I forgot that I fall into a category of celebrating Mother’s Day.

My first time being a mother, it was not really appreciated – at that point of time. I do “celebrate” it, but it was just a sake of being “present” as I got nothing better or no where else to go. Since then, I never really have a Mother’s Day.

And, I never really have that day with my mother. At times, I wonder what went wrong. I really do envy daughters who have a very good relationship with their moms. The voice inside me tells me I am missing something. 

My mom –  was a career woman. A career woman that we grew up seeing her in the morning and at night.A career woman that we only find her on the phone everytime she is at home. A career woman that we have to follow with to viewing of flats for sale with client before we get to our real family dinner. A career woman whom me, as a daughter finds difficulty in sharing my views and thought. 

I find it hard to  be open with her, till now. Whatever she does, I will opposed.I dunno – maybe there is a big gap in our mother-daughter relationship.

We all know –  a mother will always be a mother, no matter what she did in the past, no matter how she was with us.

I just wish, I can forgive her at times…..

Nonetheless, I am a mother of three now and I have a daughter. What I promised myself when I was 11 – to be a friend in need to my kids, to spent time with them no matter how busy i am with my work. Importantly, to be there for them….

In sha allah

Till my next better piece… 


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