“You want to know what I think tak?” she said. “What is it?” He asked.

She kept quiet and took a deep breathe. Hoping that the words she’s about to say won’t hurt her in future. Praying that when times goes bad, she would not wish that she have not say these words…

“I think that I do not mind you – to continue sailing…” she said. Aaaah relieved…

They have been contemplating on whether the husband should stop sailing, forget about getting his officer license and continue to work on land. So that he can be with his family. But she knows – he is not that keen on working on land. He can’t make decision and she have to reassure him that he may continue sailing , to put his worries away…

“Really?” he sounded surprised. “Okay, if like that give me 5 years. By the time…….”

He explained his plans all over again…

We can only plan  – on how it will turn out to be, it is in Allah SWT hands.

Will she regret what she said? Only time will tell but in sha allah  , she is a strong willed woman and will always support her spouse in whatever he do.

Life is hard, but to live and not love what you doing, is harder.

May Allah SWT bless my family.


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