Assalammualaikum Wr Wb

The week is almost over – alhamdulillah. I have a challenging week but went through it. I could not be thankful enough that Allah SWT had sent help today. My in – laws took the boys out whilst I stayed home and rest with the princess. Like really really rest. After my lunch, I was feeling kinda dizzy – which I am still now, that I did not even realized that I fell asleep.

Princess woke up an hr later for milk and I literally nurse her while lying down ,  which I rarely do cause a few times I did it, she almosr choked because of the milk flow… But alhamdulillah we both fell asleep snuggling each other. The weather is nice and cooling, unlike yesterday it was really humid. Even direct fan infront of you, you still feel warm and humid. Maybe that’s why princess wasn’t sleeping the whole day yesterday.

So woke up for Asar and did a little bit of work on my online business so here I am…

I’ve read alot of post on how to make the day easy. One thing for sure – you have to put ALLAH SWT first before anything. In the morning, before you do anything, wake up and pray Subuh. Dzikir will help alot in calming you down in case you have anxiety in your mind that you have LOTS to do… 

Ever happened – you overthink that you have to do this.. oh and you have to do that. Yes, this always happens to me… so I’ve read that dzikir helps. Especially Ya Latif and Istighfar… A LOT..

After Fajar prayers, always ask HIM to make your day easy. To grant you patience and strength to overcome any test given by HIM. To protect you and your family from harm. To ask for endless rezeki for the family. After praying I would dzikir abit longer.. other than the usual dzikir, I would add on more…

Alhamdulillah,  HE does make it easy for me. I could never be thankful enough. It feels weird at times like a day before I was all emotional, I could not stop crying and I keep on praying for strength. The next day, I feel all better and I thought to myself – oh wait, wasn’t I a wreck yesterday missing my MR but today, I feel happy. I miss him, surely but I go on with my day like nothing happened. 

Again another miracle happened.

My previous post was talking about how we will be out of contact until he reaches the port.. I got a message from him yesterday saying his NOKIA phone suddenly have WIFI. SUBHANALLAH. The power of prayers. He was stressed about this and keep on trying to get the WIFI connected before the vessel depart. But we were not sure on how the phone gets the connection. ALHAMDULILLAH.

We may ask for a lot of things from HIM, sometimes I feel that I am in no position to ask that much.But I always remember, HE has helped me in so many ways. HE has make it easy for me when I thought it’s impossible to get through it.HE has saved me when I pray that I could not longer stand being in a deep hole. HE extended his hand to get me out of the misery. How could I – even for a minute think HE will not answer my prayer? 

Sometimes, we asked of HIM and we thought “maybe HE won’t answer my prayers cause it is too much”. And definitely when you think that way, your prayers won’t be answered. Because in the Quran says “I am who my servant thinks I am” – so if we have faith that HE will definitely answer, NOW or LATER – HE will surely give what you ask for. But if you think otherwise, we are the ones who have problems with our faith.

Sometimes we believes and have faith – but it is not strong enough…

I am still sourcing out, searching for my soul to have much more stronger faith..

In sha allah, HE will guide me…

Till my next better piece…. 


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