A week of Ramadhan

Assalammualaikum Wr Wb,

Alhamdulillah.. a week of ramadhan has pass. The weekdays was quite slow mo for me.. whereas weekends end in a blink.

My return to work last Monday was a smooth one. As always, people would firstly ask who will take care of the baby? I received a lot of “huh? so small go to infant care already?” C’mon.. you gonna help me look after the baby? <- my thoughts when I am tired of hearing the same thing… Next was comment about the body. Eversince my first birth, I was pressured to look the same as before. As time goes by, working out even when I am feeling tired and lazy – but it does feels good eventually. Body definitely not the same as before but I did get in shape at least. When comes to the second birth, I did not really take care of my body. This time around – I am little bit pressured, because I myself have the low esteem for my body. But the comments I received was positive – I do not know what they see but if they see it that way then it’s good enough.. haha…

So what was your first experience for this Ramadhan?

For me, my intention is to continue fasting even when I am breastfeeding. I’ve read and done research on how to maintain supply even when you are fasting. Alhamdulillah the first week I’ve made it through. On the weekends, I thought I would fast halfway as it was my first time being home with the kids while fasting. I was worried I’ll get tired and messed up – but alhamdulillah, He made it easy for me. The boys were great, the princess was just chilling.

That’s what fasting is about. To have patience when you thought you would lose it. 

Today, me and princess were sent home. Princess appear to have fever which I was not known of… I was quite upset that I have to apply an urgent leave. But then when comes to think of it, who am I to be upset and questioned on what has and will happen today? It is all written – maybe it is for the best for us.. He knows it …

Another week of fasting for us all… May Allah SWT gave us strength and perseverance to sustain our fast… Aamiin..

Till my next better piece….



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