Assalammualaikum WrWb,

Alhamdulillah another week has passed and we are left with 2 more days of fasting (excluding today)

My crib is pretty much ready for Raya. I managed to do 2 kuehs, the rest was bought by my father. Alhamdulillah.

Today I am gonna say what has been in my chest for the past two days.

We all know that nothing last forever. Happiness does not last forever, soon you will be sad. Money does not last forever, soon you will have to spend it. Life does not last forever, soon you will be dead.

I’ve lost a friend whom I’ve known for years while working. My collegues are more like my friends as we pretty much see each other everyday. This late friend of mine passed on Friday evening. After all the shock, I came to realize she was chosen on Ramadhan and a blessed Friday. Alhamdulillah. We were not that close, we have our differences. I was once known as a girl who does not talk much and don’t really handle other people’s bullshit well. She has flaws and some things she has done that makes me build a wall around myself. But then, we still have fun together when we were in a group. We went for company’s trip together.We had fun during dinner after work before I had my first son.

When I learnt more about how I should be around people, how I should not be egoistic in thinking or judging others –  who am I to say what she did was wrong? Have I not done wrong all my life? Nauzubillah, maybe my sins weighs more than hers. That’s when I became more socialize with people and not to judge based on what I see or hear. 

My biggest regret – is that I am unable to seek forgiveness for the wrong that I have done towards her. Whether is is from the front, back, up or down, I have wronged her. And I feel bummed that Allah SWT does not give me a chance to apologize to her.

This made me realized, whatever we do in life, we should never wrong others. Be it spouse, family members or friends. WHOEVER we meet in life. 

This year, my mission is to put ego aside and own up to my wrong. It’s never shameful o be the first to apologize. Life is TEMPORARY, how long would you want to remain the same.

One day you will see the world and have a whole lot of plans ahead of you, another second, minute, hour or a day, you may only find yourself looking at your lifeless body.

Astaghfirullah Al’adzhim

“Semoga Allah SWT tempatkan kau disisi orang-orang yang beriman. Tenanglah kau disana, Sharifah Yasmin Arfah”

Till my next better piece…


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