Take a leap of faith

Okay so it has been half a year since my last update.

How on point, just earlier today, I was sending my other collegues our old photos with our Late Sharifah around – refer to my previous post

Anyhoos, so what has been going on for the past 6 months…

I’ve resigned from my 9 years career in Tokio Marine Insurance in Sept 2016, hopped t0 First Capital Insurance where I thought I would work as long as I did in TMIS.

BUT….. it turned out wrong…

Basically it was something that I wanted to do for a long time (the jobscope I meant..), I don’t go for the salary wise (yes I am stupid like that….) because they offer me peanuts by the way… and… obviously not the designation cause I don’t believe in higher designation makes you a better person or have a better authority on something..

So I thought I would just, ya know, get the experienced and then moved to a better place. But the environment got the best of me, I was literally bringing work home, mentally and would even dreamt of work. Sucha  wrong lifestyle, I am already stressed at home, I would not want to bring another stress from work.

So after weeks of thinking, I thought I should just work with my mother who is running a business. Eventhough I have no experienced or whatsoever, I am still young right, my brain need to work on something new.

Took the leap of faith and voila.. here I am after a month. Doing okay, at times stressful but not as stressful as my previous job..

Updates on my minions…. they are growing up so fast and I am just surprised to know how much they have learnt in school…

Will update tomorrow In sha allah as homework time with the elder one is over and now it’s bedtime…

Till my next better piece…




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