Oh my minions, slow down already

Assalammualaikum everyone!!

So I am stuck in the train right now for the past half an hour due to some train fault (not my prob) and am late for class….

Good thing now we, classmates have a group chat which was created by one of us, easy to update them that some west siders are stuck in the train.

Damn, I should have written this half an hour ago now I am only left with 1 station -_-

Okay okay, quick one….

My children, who I prefer to call minions because if you watch the movie Minions – well they are kinda similar. Silly, Clumsy, Non-Stop Blabbering and hey, my children speaks Minion language (that only the Mother HAVE to understand, unfortunately)

Update: I am in class already 

Minion 1 is already in K1 class this year. Minion 2 in Playgroup class. And Minion 3 still remain at Infant Class.

Their developments : Minion 1 is good at memorizing and he remembers everything ! Like.. “Mama teacher Mei said no white uniform, must orange uniform, u buy ok”

So with this, atleast I know he remembers and can relate to me. Everyday without fail, I would ask him how was school and what he do at school. And his story telling is perfecto eventhough some words are still not clear, but understandable. As the teacher have said, he will have no problem with his Oral in future … haha

Minion 2 – this cute and slumber kid starting to speak in full sentences. Eventhough it’s still not so clear, at this age, I would say he is better than Minion 1. Minion 2 is so “berat mulut” like his parents, so at times I can see that he is just lazy to open his mouth to talk and just slurred the words with his tongue.

Minion 3 – oh so graceful princess… starting to crawl longer distance, hold support to stand, stand on her own for quite a long time, clap her hands, starts waving, flying kisses and blabbering. Can’t get enough of this lady…

Last two days, I do not know what came up on me. I realized that in my IG, I posted 3k photos. Like oh my, even artiste does not have that much photos. Haha.

So thought of deleting SOME and I ended up deleting 2k photos. Fuh~. 1k photos in my IG is such coolness to my eyes.

I came across old videos of Minion 1, when he was only a year old, blabbering and with his own silly acts. I cried watching the videos. He was sucha happy baby…. already turning 5 this year

Oh my minions…. slow down already… you three are still and forever my babies.

I feel guilty EVERYTIME i am harsh on them, believe me I do. At times I am so stressed up or I am “overly touched” by them as soon as I sat down on the sofa, I get so worked up and anxious. I have no idea why.

So nowadays, once I reach home, I will take 15 mins or more to myself, with my room locked. Shower, Pray and Pump out milk (yes I am still breastfeeding – more on my breastfeeding journey soon)

For now… it’s tea break time ~~~

Till my next better piece…







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