Be mindful

Assalammualaikum everyone

I meant to write a little bit more about previous post yesterday but Minion 3 woke up and had to feed her..

Moving on…

At times being a seafarer’s wife makes me missed out a lot of things. Like for instance, this weekend is a long weekend due to Chinese New Year..

And seeing people gather together with family, went to the beach, went to the mall, went to swimming or even go for a holiday as a family makes me kinda envious..

But of course not in a bad way of envy, it is just that I wish he is here to take us out, to have a complete family dinner out at the restaurant and many other activities as a family, ya know~

I have people boastfully tells me like “we are going for this and that, how about you? Or you are staying home? TOOOOO BAD…”

Like seriously, be mindful. You do not know that your words can hurt someone. Someone like me who always wish she is on holiday with her family. Who wish that she can enjoy her weekends.

When he returned, it will be only for a while, time was constraint. We can managed a few days of holiday and then we are back to reality.

And I do not know what is happening to me. I used to loved loitering even when I had my Minion 1, even it means going out alone. I loved it, but since I am married and had Minion 2 and 3, I rather go out with only my husband. Or maybe I just do not have the energy to handle them all alone..

I believe there are other woman who is experiencing the same situation as I am. Being a woman, we are stronger than we think we are.

We may appear weak but our hearts are strong to wait for our loved ones to make it home safely, even though we are struggling to make our hearts feel better.

To tawakkal and leave everything in good hands and only make Dua for the good.

But soon, in sha allah, a few more months and it will be over… he will be on land for the rest of the days and we can decide later on whether he wishes to continue sailing or not…

So patience is virtue… in sha allah, all will be good…

Till my next better piece…




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