Never give up, even when you wanted to

Assalammualaikum everyone….

Today I am back to my usual self, much more happier self I should say…

Was terribly sick over CNY weekend which I could not even do anything. Tried studying but nothing goes to the head as the head already feel pressured and heavy. Took medicines but seems like it was not working.

In the end, I took panadol and I applied an oil rub on myself, which was meant for Minion 3 but no harm trying, and it does work for my flu and cough.

Due to this, I was unable to study well for my exams and I failed. So my re-test will be this Thursday, we’ll see how it goes for me this time around..

Speaking about test, yesterday I passed a test which I wanted for a very long time…


YES!!! It was my motorcycle riding test..

I was so happy I did it this time around as it was my 2nd attempt. I was actually anticipating to fail again (yeap, extremely low self esteem there~~) but in the end, who knew…

The first time, I thought I had passed so when I got to know I’ve failed during result time, I was very disappointed. My mood was down, I tried to brush the feeling off but I can’t. In the end, I cried to HIM to take this feeling away from me cause whatever the reason that I could not pass the first time around, is supposed to be good for me. 

Maybe HE knew I wasn’t ready, I am still careless and reckless with no confident to be a independent rider.

After which, I found my inner peace and just tell myself to do better the next time around…

I didn’t practice as much as I did during the first time. Total I just did 6 more practices (2 practice which is compulsory for those who failed) and then I went for my test, which was yesterday.


It took me less than 6 months to complete this whole thing. In these 6 months, a lot of time (and money…) were sacrificed. Those times where I have to endure engorgement during lessons, a lot of time I worry that my ice packs will melt inside the locker, a lot of times where I came home to sleeping minions.


But syukur alhamdulillah, it was the most satisfying feeling I had for a very long time. To praying under my breath for my name NOT be called out and finally when the instructor stop calling out numbers and said “if there is no further changes, you all have passed” which lead to loud cheering from all of us.

Masya allah. A whole lot of new experienced.

I could not have done it without HIM and of course my husband who has been supporting and believing in me since the beginning. Told him to keep it a secret as I didn’t even tell my close friends cause I intended to only let people know once I have passed – so there won’t be any pressure while I am on practicals. When I wanted to give up caused I feel demoralized after failing, my husband would remind me that it is okay to fail sometime.

So today, I woke up smiling and having a little bit of anxiety rush that I have to calm myself down. Haha.

Finally, I’ve achieved something off my “want to do” list.

Of course have to ride slow, steady and safely.


And my minion 2 love bikes too… in sha allah dude, your time to get one will come when you get older…

Till my next better piece..



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