You gotta love what you do, else stop what you’re doing…

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb

Alhamdulillah, I have recovered from a sudden flu & cough with slight fever. I was really weak and the need to feed my little princess with not enough rest makes me feel even worse. But I told myself that I need to fight this bug for the kids. With me being sick, with them being active. NO CAN DO. BUT… alhamdulillah, with his Will, I am well on the 3rd day.

The week has been nothing but me planning on my next new step for my “not so established” home based business. Yes, I have a full time job but everybody needs a sideline – well at least I think that I need it. For the family sake.

I started out after my first childbirth, when I had to take 2 months unpaid leave as I could not find any other alternative/arrangement to look after my son at that point of time. Imagine without salary and NO ONE to support your finances. It started out as a wholesale, I only have like one or two orders but the manufacturer quota was like 10 items or something. So I had to fork out on my own finances to process the orders. And believe me, I know NUTS about financing the money. Naive girl I was back then, wasn’t I?

Then I stop doing the business after I am able to support myself and my boy with just my monthly salary. Alhamdulillah, I seek help for the financing of his school. When I was pregnant with Hayden, I changed my old business FB Page from selling dresses and short skirts to selling Hijab. I wanted to change cause I want to do something that would benefit others. Like the hijab, the piece of cloth –  is like helping a sister to cover her “aurat”. I still have sisters who will PM me and tell me that they just started off and needed my help in showing them how to wear my product, which I am more than happy to help each time. Alhamdulillah, it went strong and then business was slow again. I have faith that when there is rezeki, it will come. I have to wait, not force it.

I changed my supplier again and after so long, business was really really good. I mean reaaaallly good. It kept me awake till like 3am or something to finish unpacking, packing and label the items my customers. It all started so well. But there is one thing which I neglected. While business was doing well, my relationship with family was distant. I leave the boys to my husband. I spent more time replying to customers than talking to them. No surprise that business went down. No BERKAT, you may say it. Redha. Until I found out about my 3rd pregnancy, that’s when I thought I wanna stop. It was slow till now but alhamdulillah as and when, surprisingly I still have orders. I don’t mind as it is rezeki right,  even though I did not update my FB page for so long.

So now, I have a new supplier that have one stop service for me. Whereby they’ll prepare raw material catalogue for me, they will sew my design and with my very own label. Thinking hard about this and I really want to make this right.I do enjoy doing this business, even thought it has its ups and downs. In sha allah, things will go right this time around. 

As for now, I am just waiting patiently for my sample to arrive next week, in sha allah.

To end this, a simple quote which I thought for myself..

“You gotta love what you do, else stop what you’re doing”

Which I always believe you will find happiness in doing the things you love. Waking up in the morning everyday, during the rush hour , just to get monthly salary which is barely enough to sustain before the next one & complaining all day about having tons of work or about the attitudes at work, is something that MOST people is doing now, including myself. Alhamdulillah that I have a job while maybe the people at the other end of the world is praying for. But I know that I can do more than just sitting at the desk , at times doing nothing. That time is so precious , I can do so much more.

This is the reason why I allowed my husband to go back to sailing. As I can see the happiness in him whenever he talks about sailing while office jobs is just mundane for him.

And I also believe whilst we are separated for months, our bond as a family is renew during each return. In sha allah.

May Allah SWT keeps us strong as a family.

Till my next better piece…..