Back to the Week

Assalammualaikum Wr Wb,

A thought just came to me- you will never have a quiet morning once you have children and to enjoy quiet morning like NOW….. feels so good.. I hope it lasts…hehehe

We had a good weekend with the humid weather…

On Saturday, woke up early before anyone does to have a quick shower and prepare the children’s stuff to go out for princess circumcision!!! Yay, it was done. Alhamdulillah, everything went well. Came to the clinic a little bit later and it was already packed with people. Husband went to park the vehicle while I make the “grand entrance” to the clinic with 2 active toddlers and baby.

The boys were all over the place and the clinic was a small one. So while waiting for registration, I was going “hayden no, don’t stand at the door, adam please, come stand here , hayden stand here *within seconds he went for the door again*, hayden no, come here please”. I was making a twirl of full circles cause a minute they were at my front, another they would be at my back. And I could feel eyes piercing at me, observing me on how I am handling the boys with the baby. BUT…. I don’t care… LOL. 

One nenek sitting asked me “are they your kids?” With a smile, I said proudly, yes they are…

As much as I would like to get rid of them someday – okay.. joking.. I won’t… hehe… they are still my blessings. So we waited for 2 hours. Went for lunch, came back and then waited a little bit more. But the doctor was such a warm person, did the circumcision professionally and also we decided to pierced her ears. Oh Boy , I was scared just looking at the gun.. I know I can endure pain and I pierced a lot more than I should before, but with my girl, I go all jelly… Boy did she cried.. but she is strong, it was only for a while. After which, she went back to sleep and wasn’t cranky. Alhamdulillah.

Yesterday we just went to Suntec for late lunch and hang around, played some arcade games and went to Big Box to look for a storage for the boy’s toys actually but we could not find the right one. I ended up buying a new shoe for myself. And the rest of the night went well… Alhamdulillah.

Today I was planning to go to the Zoo, but I guess from the weekend outing I needed a little bit more rest in the morning. Send the boys to school and put princess to sleep, VOILA, here I am just finished my breakfast and typing….

I am supposed to design something for princess’s cukur rambut berkat but I am not inspired yet hence no ideas what I want to do… Everything is almost settled. Initially from wanting to order catering and berkat, in the end, my in-laws will be cooking – love love love their cooking, they cooked for our wedding and received alot of compliments and also will be doing some DIY berkat for the guest. Nothing special. A simple one. Left a few days more for the big event.

Updates on my husband’s sailing schedule, this time around he was given heads up that he will be signing on to the vessel on the first week of May. Which means in a week or two. We will be missing ramadhan and hari raya for this year. And he will also missed Hayden’s 2nd Bday.=(

Some things are not meant for us to control…

So this week is going to be a busy one, May Allah ease our affairs.

Till my next better piece…


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